Home Work at PS2 Gallery

Many artists during the Covid-19 lock down have had restricted or no studio access, forcing a shift in practice and process. Working from home has pros and cons, and old chairs find themselves under more pressure than usual. I appreciated the invitation to share some of my Home Work activities for the PS2 online project, sharing the wide range of work we are making in these very unusual times and circumstances. 

Very much looking forward to getting back into the studio again.

You can see what everyone has been getting up to at https://www.pssquared.org/projects/home-work

Art- Mutation Online Gallery

Art-Mutation  Online Art Campaign by ANNA LACLAQUE

Starting from one image made by one artist, this campaign has gone global through personal invitations from one artist to another. Referencing the image that is received, each artist creates a new piece of work and shares it with another who then creates another mutation. 'Uncertain Landscape' was inspired by the work of Elaine McGinn, the Irish artist that invited me to join in. 

Art work is regularly added to the web page. 

All the work can be viewed in an online gallery at http://art-mutation.online/

Tropical Ravine House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast

In September 2019 I was delighted to install 6 porcelain Cryptolaemus montrouzieri in the ground floor area of the Tropical Ravine House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast as a permanent installation. 

The Australian Mealybug, or Mealybug Ladybird, is used as an ecological predator in the Tropical Ravine House, Palm House and greenhouses.

After several visits to the gardens and the greenhouses I was curious about the white dots on some of the plants. The experienced gardeners were very helpful and explained how the larvae, that look the same as the pests to the naked eye, are the preferred method of pest control, reducing the need for pesticides in the delicate environment maintained for the plants. 

The porcelain bugs will be employed as part of the educational aids during school visits to the House. 

They were being named as I left, I heard one getting called Bruce and another getting called Sheila.....


April 2019

Workshop review

alex 3_edited_edited.jpg
alex 3_edited_edited.jpg


May 2019

Engage Studio Blog including recorded closing event and In Conversation with curator, Moran Been Noon



In March 2019 I ran a beginner ceramics workshop in R-Space Gallery in Lisburn. I prefer to encourage participants to make their own pieces from scratch so that they really feel the work is their own. It was lovely to have Julie-Ann and the others come up with their own designs working the the templates provided and their imagination. 

A couple of weeks after the workshop the participants were ready to collect their finished, glazed and fired craft works.

As play is an important part of my own material research it was lovely to read that Julie-Ann was able to recapture her own playfulness during the workshop. 



September 2016

Goose Lane Gallery receives a a positive mention for exhibition and atmosphere at Belfast Culture Night 2016


pages 10-17

Goose Lane Gallery was a voluntary project providing exhibition opportunities for emerging and student artists. Co curators Zara Lyness and Jenny Davies


March 2018

Coffee table book documenting the first two years of exhibitions by Artistslegup (Zara and Jenny) at Goose Lane Gallery


December , 2015. Sound performance at Pollen Studios and Gallery

Video excerpt from a durational sound performance at Pollen Studios and Gallery in Belfast. A site responsive performance taking inspiration from the local starling murmuration that gathers not far from the studio. Participating artists include Jayne Cherry, ALice Clark, Karine Talec and Zara Lyness. A live sound Performance. Seven starlings are being watched by seven starlings each, this is Murmuration. Listen and follow, watch and follow and let the sound tell you how to fly.


Performance art workshop with Helge Meyer

BIFPA 2015 Presentation of student Performance art workshop with Helge Meyer. 11 March 2015. Pollen Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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