Zara Lyness Visual Artist

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Cinderella Complex, 2018

Sculptural work developed during residency at Ulster University incorporated into performance installation for solo exhibition at Framewerk Gallery, Belfast. 

Bell Series, 2017

45 Parian porcelain bells cast from a single broken mould. Limited edition series.

The bells can be purchased in sets or individually.

Parian Porcelain Brick Series 2017

Cast from moulds from the rubble of the Orpheus Building in Belfast, the Belfast Orpheus Bricks are mementos of the demolished building that was home to the Belfast School of Art, the Orpheus Ballroom and the Co-op Society Department store. |Having connections to the building from my parents meeting there while working in the Co-op, yearly pilgrimages to see Santa to spending my first year at art college in the building, it was important to me to own a piece of my past.
Orpheus Belfast bricks are available for sale.

Memory Stones

3D Drawings