February - March 2018

The Blind Tiger is simultaneously one of my most personal and relatable works. Most people find that part of their private soul is on display throug

Féile an Earraigh Selfie-Swap project and exhibition 2018

Upper Springfield Development Trust Arts Programme is holding their Selfie Swap Exhibition on Monday 12th March at 6.30pm in St. Mary’s University College Falls Road. This is part of Féile an Earraigh’s programme of Visual Art Exhibitions, that can all be seen on the night, and for the whole week of Féile an Earraigh. This project is funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. This is also funded by Department for Social Development’s Belfast Regeneration Office.

Artists Tonya McMullan and Zara Lyness have been working on the project and delivering art workshops with Springvale, St Gerard’s Educational Resource Centre’s Youth Club along with the Education Authority’s Youth Inclusion and Diversity Unit, and Springfield Charitable Association.

The project was based on the history of selfies, creatively examine old portraiture, an early form of selfies and bring it up to date via Snapchat & social media selfies. This was an intergenerational project with young people leading the way in terms of the new technology and current selfies, and the older people sourcing old family photos of themselves and their parents, grandparents, etc. The young people learned about old forms of selfie portraiture and were also introduced to the technical skill of painting with light. Traditional printmaking was combined with digital technology. 


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