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An artist wears many hats and can make many opportunities to share skills and learn from collaborative projects with varied organisations.

Printed tiles


17th and 31st August 2019

Workshops introducing participants to the method of using photocopied images to make mono-prints on clay tiles. Each person rolled and cut their own ceramic tiles and prepared the images for printing, inking up and burnishing the image to the clay.


23rd July 2019

One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure! This workshop is an upcycling session where we will be creating sculptural 3D pictures using those odd items that you collect in the home or garage ‘just in case’. For this workshop we want you to rummage through that 2nd drawer down in the kitchen and bring in the random small objects that don’t fit anywhere else.

You can create a landscape or figure, or go totally abstract in this workshop, securing these objects and shapes on a background and applying different painting techniques to create original pieces of art.

Example of the sort of thing we can use are buttons, washers, bits of plastic, leads, nuts and bolts, springs, grips and clips, string, seeds, old broken costume jewellery…..



8th June 2019

From childhood Zara has had an interest in shoes, borrowing her mum’s for dressing up and then amassing an extensive collection from her teens until now. Our first steps are anticipated with excitement by parents, the start of our journey to independence.

In this workshop you will hand build a pair of children’s shoes. The process will include choosing a template, rolling and cutting the clay to size. Then you will ‘cobble’ your pieces together and, using colour, tools and oxides, design your very own pair. They can be made for cabinet display or to hang from a ribbon.

When the clay shoes have dried they will fired in the kiln, and become a treasured reminder of childhood and how important it is to make some time for yourself to ‘play’.

The processes involved will include slab building, score and slip, undergazing, sgraffito and or stamping.



R-Space at the Linen Rooms, Lisburn



18th May 2019

In this workshop you will get the chance to have a go at each stage of this up-cycling paper making process. Using shredded paper, you will be preparing a paper pulp, choosing additional materials to add to your paper and make paper with different textures.

Different sizes of frames and deckles, the tools used to filter the paper pulp, will be provided so you can experiment with size, shape and pattern.

Different materials can be added to the mix to add embellishment to the paper such as flower petals, pineapple (crushed!), old paper holiday money, threads and fibres.

We will also be making textured paper as well as flat sheets.

If you have anything you would like to try and include in your paper making please bring it along. There will be petals and fibres provided.


January 30, 2025

In this workshop participants will learn basic pinch pot making skills. Suitable for beginners, everyone will make their pots, learn how to join them and shape them in to their own unique hedgehog character.

Underglazes will be provided to bring their characters to life with colour.

Clay and tools provided in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of R-Space Gallery and beginners are most welcome.

hedgehog in plant.jpg


16th March 2019

With St Patrick’s around the corner, this workshop will have a Celtic theme. Participants can design and make their own St Patrick or Celtic cross. We will be using stoneware for this session.

You will get to roll, cut and add texture and colour to your piece, that will then be bisque fired.

You can discuss arrangements for further glazing and firing sessions during the workshop.


9th February 2019

In this workshop everyone will produce at least one precious porcelain Valentine heart. Making the heart by hand, rolling, cutting the clay and decorating the heart by adding textures, words an colours each one will be unique. Clay tools and textured surfaces all provided at the workshop.




February - March 2018

The Blind Tiger is simultaneously one of my most personal and relatable works. Most people find that part of their private soul is on display throug

Féile an Earraigh Selfie-Swap project and exhibition 2018

Upper Springfield Development Trust Arts Programme is holding their Selfie Swap Exhibition on Monday 12th March at 6.30pm in St. Mary’s University College Falls Road. This is part of Féile an Earraigh’s programme of Visual Art Exhibitions, that can all be seen on the night, and for the whole week of Féile an Earraigh. This project is funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. This is also funded by Department for Social Development’s Belfast Regeneration Office.

Artists Tonya McMullan and Zara Lyness have been working on the project and delivering art workshops with Springvale, St Gerard’s Educational Resource Centre’s Youth Club along with the Education Authority’s Youth Inclusion and Diversity Unit, and Springfield Charitable Association.

The project was based on the history of selfies, creatively examine old portraiture, an early form of selfies and bring it up to date via Snapchat & social media selfies. This was an intergenerational project with young people leading the way in terms of the new technology and current selfies, and the older people sourcing old family photos of themselves and their parents, grandparents, etc. The young people learned about old forms of selfie portraiture and were also introduced to the technical skill of painting with light. Traditional printmaking was combined with digital technology. 



May - June 2018

After two months of workshops, the art work produced by the participants from Moyard House, Roseville House and the Falls Women's Centre was showcased at the Old Andersonstown Barracks Site in Belfast. 
The project has all age groups from Belfast, Poland, Somalia, Nairobi, Sudan and Egypt, coming together to share stories about changing environments. 
The art work portrayed memories from different homes, families and dreams of other times and places.
The project was funded by the Upper Springfield Development Trust.
Images courtesy of Joshua Crawford.


August 2016

The Wish Tree Forest - Artist Deirdre Robb (2016)

(Assisted by Lesley Cherry and George Robb)

Creative Exchange Studios, Belfast, as part of the Eastside 20/20 Arts Festival, hosted several visual arts events. Along with managing the volunteers for The Engine Room Gallery Exhibition I also spent a day at Connswater Shopping Centre helping with the Wish Tree Forest. This was an unexpectedly emotional experience as some of the visitors opened their hearts and told their stories as they made wishes for themselves, for others and their community.