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I am an Irish mixed media visual artist based in Northern Ireland. I have had the privilege of a multi-disciplinary university experience that has developed into a diverse artistic practice. I make sculptural objects and performance, often combining both. The value and significance of the objects and materials (implied and perceived) are underlying motives in the forms I make. My methods often  involve casting and repetition, working on themes of identity, permission, interaction and a lowering of barriers, allowing the viewer a space to recognise some element in the work and perhaps recollect something that connects with it. 

I use a variety of materials in the studio ranging from linen to porcelain, the project theme gives direction to the tactics I employ. I enjoy the malleability of clay as well as the tactile quality before and after firing. Time is an important element in my practice in both the execution of material processes and in relation to performance art. Gathering memories over time shapes out lives.  In sharing recognised symbols and stories we connect, accessing our own personal history to make sense of new experiences. Sometimes by focusing on the small things we gain a better understanding of the who and where we are.​ An important aspect of my work, both in solo and group projects, is to create a sense of inclusion for the viewer that encourages further investigation rather than disengaging the public.

My interest in time, memory, connections and relationships has influenced my interdisciplinary methods. By sharing recognised symbols and stories we connect, accessing our own history to make sense of new experiences. I intend my work to invite a response on literal and abstract planes. I engage with some work over long periods of time through the application of processes, incorporating narrative, memory, personal histories and stories. My material choices include fragility, absurdity, what is precious and refining techniques. I hope to identify with others, creating a space that encourages investigation into different art forms and practices.

In relation to making connections, my research revolves around themes of marginalisation, values and how the influence of others significantly affects how we see ourselves. 

The development of my work evolves through changes in mood, circumstance and influence, often seeming to be made by different artists. I enjoy incorporating playfulness into my work and producing objects that make people want to touch and engage with them, often at some risk with the more delicate ceramic work.


After working across multiple industry sectors I completed a BA Fine Art (Hons 1st Class) in 2017,was awarded a Graduate Artist Residency at Ulster University the following year, and joined Pollen Studios and Gallery. At the end of the residency I achieved Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority and have continued to develop my practice alongside working as an arts facilitator/administrator and registered support provider for University University.

As an active member of Pollen Studios (2017-2022) my time included collaborative exhibition programming, occasional curating and committee secretary. This gave me the opportunity to be involved in city wide network of events and exhibitions, supporting other artists and organisations and contributing to the promotion of visual arts and culture at a grass roots level. I continue to support the organisation as an associate member.

After graduation I joined the team at R-Space at the Linen Rooms Gallery in Lisburn, Co Down. Job sharing the office manager role includes managing marketing and archiving for the gallery. After 2 years as artist in residence I continue to support the creative director with curation, liaison with exhibiting artists and occasional workshops. The workshops range from paper making to ceramics and the activities are tailored to the skills and abilities of those attending. All are welcome, no matter what experience.

Currently in the final year of the Belfast School of Art MFA degree, working from an accessible ground floor studio space at Springmount, Dromore. I keep in contact with the Belfast art network through committee membership of Bbeyond Live, the Belfast International Festival of Performance Art and as a board member of Creative Exchange Studios. 

Please contact me if you are interested in visiting Springmount studio or just want to get in touch.

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