Zara Lyness Visual Artist

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I make performance and sculptural objects, often combining both. The value and significance of objects and materials, (implied and perceived), is an underlying motive in the forms I make. My practice progresses through play and repetition, autobiography, interaction and a lowering of barriers, enabling recognition with a viewer and a space for dialogue. 

My interest in time, memory, connections and relationships has influenced my interdisciplinary methods. By sharing recognised symbols and stories we connect, accessing our own history to make sense of new experiences. I intend my work to invite a response on literal and abstract planes. I engage with some work over long periods of time through the application of processes, incorporating narrative, memory, personal histories and stories. My material choices include fragility, absurdity, what is precious and refining techniques. I hope to identify with others, creating a space that encourages investigation into different art forms and practices.

Play is an important aspect of my process. Always learning, I work with a diverse range of materials, constantly evolving, resolving and evolving. From whole to deteriorating forms, action and being, diverse materials, I hope to convey a sense of time, presence and a link to memories. Through recognition and recollection we create connections and from there a conversation starts.

I am a founder member of Artistslegup and co-curator and administrator at Goose Lane Gallery. Artistslegup is a voluntary project providing exhibition opportunities for emerging artists. This project has been running since December 2015 and will be temporarily closed for repairs from April 2019.

As an active member and secretary of Pollen Studios and Gallery, I work towards improving the visibility of the organisation. We aim to provide an open and accessible space to all art forms. Pollen works with an international network of artists and collaborators dedicated to promoting performance and life art.