Zara Lyness Visual Artist

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Contained, 2018


The Byrne @ Frocess Yard

August 2018

Group exhibition of invited artists as part of 2018 August Craft Month, curated by Sharon Adams. Artists included in the exhibition: Alison Lowry, Sinéad Black, Jayne Cherry, Sinéad Breathnach -Cashel

Ulster University End of Year Show, 2018

End of Year Show

Belfast School of Art

June 2018

Graduate resident artists exhibition in the foyer of the Ulster University Belfast campus as part of the End of Year Degree show. 

The Big Red Button, 2018

The Big Red Button
Belfast Artists Paper Society
Pollen  Studios and Gallery
May 2018

Paper collage based around the theme of Armageddon. The Belfast Artists Paper Society have turned their attention to Armageddon, the End of the World and The Big Red Button. How do you prepare? What will you need? Who will you need? Is there anywhere you can go for advice?Artists Sue Cathcart, Jayne Cherry, Susan McKeever, Emma McAleer, Nathan Crothers, Emma Whitehead, Deby McKnight, Zara Lyness and Georgia Eliott have done some research on your behalf and present the results.

Cinderella Complex, 2018

Festive Focus, 2017

Festive Focus at R-Space

In Flux 'It's All Abut Me'  & 'In Limbo', 2017

Title: In Flux 'It's All About Me'

Belfast School of Ar Degree Show

June 2017

A sequence of 45 Parian porcelain bells exhibited on custom designed steel and glass frames. The bells, cast from one broken mould, are presented in the order they were made. Each bell is unique, creating a series of characters that tell a story of autobiography, time and communication.

Title: In Flux 'In Limbo'

Belfast School of Art Degree Show

28 damaged Parian porcelain bells contained in a hanging steel, spired frame. Constructed to hang at this specific location, this part of the installation makes reference to the influences, both realised and not, from working in the the new art block at the Ulster University. Linking the inside to the surrounding area, we are currently able to see local landmarks that will disappear from view as the regeneration of the area continues.

'In Flux' Process and Duration, 2017

Title: 'In Flux' Process and Duration 

Glass Box Gallery, Ulster University

May -July 2017

Created from over 200 Parian porcelain bricks cast from rubble from the demolished Belfast Orpheus Building and the artist's home, this installation underwent several re-arrangements throughout the duration of the exhibition. Looking at how we respond to history and events around us, the installation manifests choices, actions and consequences as the work was moved in and around the space, including members of the public in the decision making and storytelling during each re-arrangement.

Collect and Connect, 2017

Title: Collect and Connect

Solo Exhibition and Performance

Pollen Studios, Belfast

Jan 2017

The exhibition connected the journey of several materials and performance pieces, collecting them together with the intention of connecting with a new audience.

Photographs courtesy of Jordan Hutchings

Summer Showcase, 2016

Exhibition Title: Summer Showcase, 2016

Open call group exhibition at Canvas Galleries, Belfast

21st-23rd July 2016

Sculpture work displayed in gallery until December 2016.

Sephour 06, 2016

Exhibition Title: Sephour 06

Group exhibition at Catalyst Arts, Belfast

21st-26th April 2016

 Sephour is an anagram of Orpheus 

Sephour is Orpheus transformed

Sephour is a homonym of Zephyr

Since the migration from the old Orpheus Building to the new purpose built art department we, the 2nd year Fine Art (Sculpture/Lens) students, have been negotiating and developing our relationship with our new space. We now welcome everyone to view an exhibition of our current work. This is the first group exhibition from the new Sculpture/Lens studios on the 6th floor.

Installation Title: Silent Witness

Materials: wax, fabric, rope, latex, plaster, wool, wire, false nails, hair, shellac, inherited objects.

Materials, meanings, connections, texture, language.

Playful experiments, accidental happenings, developing processes, self expression.

Raw, 2016

Exhibition Title: Raw

Members Exhibition, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

7th-14th April 2016

Catalyst Arts Members were invited to submit work in progress, in it's raw state for this exhibition. This submission as based on research based around Children's Games by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The drawings as sketched into a Famous Five storybook based n the characters created by Enid Blyton

Inspire, 2014

Exhibition Title: Inspire

International Women's Day Exhibition

Andrew's Gallery, Titanic Quarter, Belfast

7th - 31st March 2014

Title: To Ride Pegasus

Materials: Charcoal, soft pastels, newspaper collage on card.

82cm x 57cm

Open call exhibition celebrating International Women's Day 2014. The selected works related to a woman that the artist had been inspired by. This drawing was inspired by the author Anne McCaffrey, the first woman to win the Hugo and Nebula Awards and had one of the first science fiction books to appear on the New York Times Best Seller list.