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PS2, online

May 2020

During lockdown many artists suddenly found themselves unable to access their preferred materials and equipment for art making and turned to materials and objects that had in the home. In Pollen Studios we started making small drawings and started a posted conversation between members as a way of connecting and boosting moral. I started drawing and working with inks and water colours, sharing some work on social media as another means of exchange. I was delighted to be invited to take part in the online exhibition 'Homework' curated by PS2 Gallery at a time when the thought of exhibiting work seemed so distant. Along with the drawings , I also had to make numerous repairs to The Captain's Chair, my art/thinking chair that I rescued from the old Orpheus Building that was part of the Belfast School of Art for many years. The seat of the chair was taking many hours more abuse as I sat day after day in my kitchen/studio and needed more padding and patches. 



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