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Cinderella Complex

Framewerk Gallery, Belfast

Feb/Mar 2018

Cinderella Complex.

Tread carefully. Don’t put your foot in it. If the shoe fits, wear it.Cinderella is a story of a girl controlled and exploited by her new family after the death of her mother. The Grimm version involves mutilation, denial and control. The need to fit in ruins some and independence is lost for others. Not a shoe and not a foot, these are the in-between traces left after many footsteps. As interactions and relationships mould how we develop over time, their presence leaves an indelible mark in our lives. There is plenty of advice to be had, encouraged or not.  We will find ourselves in unexpected circumstances. Trying to fit in, (or not,) we are affected by external forces. Perceiving ourselves through these reflections of others can influence our behaviour and make it difficult to have confidence sticking to our own convictions. Life is no fairytale



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