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In Flux

Belfast School of Art Degree Show

Jun 2017

In Flux, It's all about me   A sequence of 45 Parian porcelain bells exhibited on custom designed steel and glass frames. The bells, cast from one broken mould, are presented in the order they were made. Each bell is unique, creating a series of characters that tell a story of autobiography, time and communication.

In Flux, in limbo 28 damaged Parian porcelain bells contained in a hanging steel, spired frame. Constructed to hang at this specific location, this part of the installation makes reference to the influences, both realised and not, from working in the the new art block at the Ulster University. Linking the inside to the surrounding area, we are currently able to see local landmarks that will disappear from view as the regeneration of the area continues. 

In Flux, process and duration Created from over 200 Parian porcelain bricks cast from rubble from the demolished Belfast Orpheus Building and the artist's home, this installation underwent several re-arrangements throughout the duration of the exhibition. Looking at how we respond to history and events around us, the installation manifests choices, actions and consequences as the work was moved in and around the space, including members of the public in the decision making and storytelling during each re-arrangement.

Process and Duration extended in the Ulster University Glass Box Gallery June-August 2017 included public interaction and performance sessions.



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