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Selected ceramic pieces from various projects developed through casting and hand building processes. 

Supported through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland SIAP Award  2018.


Various projects


Whitework  and ceramics

Country Style

Old School House Range

Farmhouse Range

This project developed from the creation of a housewarming gift for a friend, inspired by some vintage hand painted tiles in a hall way in The Old School House Millisle. The Covid 19 lock down period brought many changes, and as a way to stay occupied during the very challenging circumstances these little characters were motivation to keep making. 

The Old School House Range is full of whimsical designs of animals, plants and whimsical creatures, hand built from flax paper porcelain and finished with transparent glaze.

The Farmhouse Collection is full of Irish flora and fauna and common sights if you visit the Irish countryside. Living in the country, it is not hard to be inspired by the world around me and living in Dromore, the home of Harry Ferguson, it would be remiss not to include the Massey Ferguson tractor.

Contact for more information. 

Parian Porcelain Mealybugs

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri installed as permanant collection in the Tropical Ravine House in Botanic Gardens in Belfast. Permanent insyallation.

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