November 2016

November Cumulator - Curator James King

Group Performance

Void Gallery, Londonderry

7th November, 11 artists/11 hours in the Andres Serrano Exhibition in the Void Gallery. Artists James King, Siobhan Mullan, Brian Patterson, Mads Floor Anderson, Colm Clarke, Bea Didier, Marita Bullmann, Caroline Pugh, Cara Park, Patricia Doherty Roe.

This was the 11th in a series which began with 1 person performing for 1 hour and will end with 12 performing for 12 hours in December. The artists will be making individual actions and also collaborating together using materials, objects, voice, sound,  movements and stillness. Intuition, memory, perception :response to others and the spectators presence will be their guide. Photographs courtesy of Jordan Hutchings,. Julie Benson and Brian Connolly

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