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In Sight of Ithaca

Why Don't They Get Things Started

Through the gift, my awareness penetrates yours

Belfast School of Art, Ulster University

Jun 2023

Through the gift, my awareness penetrates yours

Silk screen prints, crate

Why don’t they get things started?

Crate, rope, ceramics

In Sight of Ithaca

Shellacked timber, plaster, rope

'You are invited to touch the ceramispheres and please replace them within the installation.

Visitors to the exhibition have permission to take one screen print, through the gift, my awareness penetrates yours…'

The three elements presented in the Master of Fine Art Degree Show, 2023, is a combination of finished pieces and rearranged materials used in previous exhibitions. 

The inherited timber has been varnished with shellac, also inherited, since the loss of Uncle George. The rope and crate also came from his garage of wonderful objects.

In Sight of Ithaca

When Odysseus was almost home, after 10 year, his crew sabotaged the return in sight of land by untying the knots of a bag containing the winds secured by Zeus, blowing the ship well off course. We face obstacles, some we create ourselves, some we don't and make connections along the way.

Why Don't They Get Things Started?

The ceramispheres placed in the crate on the wall remind me of the Muppet audience, a reminder of the playful side to my practice.

Through the gift, my awareness penetrates your

The act of giving places a burden on the receiver. As an act of kindness, hopefully to be passed forward, these A3 silkscreen prints of six of my drawings, selected from work made during the past two years, were freely given to visitors to the show. 

web MFA-EOY-23-300dpi--54.jpg


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