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Some projects are tidy with a clear start and finish date, others develop and transform over time. 

Having a multi-disciplinary fine art practice opens the door to many different opportunities, activities and collaborations and an exciting variety of creative exchanges.

Springmount Studio

Moving from a Belfast based studio collective (Pollen Studios and Gallery) to a rural location has pros and cons. Set in the hills of Dromore, Springmount Studio has an accessible space where artist friends can meet, make and mentor in a relaxed studio environment.

Divided into 4 sections, the studio has a versatile workshop space, ceramic, pottery and basic print equipment, a kitchen and outdoor working space. Work in and on the space is ongoing.

Photograph of studio space


Connecting and collaborating creates positive energy and can be beneficial to mental health. Attending and delivering workshops is a fun way to relax and make friends. 

Artist sitting at a desk working with clay


Initially working with the Belfast International Festival of Performance Art, I have collaborated with and provided documentation and video editing for organisations and individual artists including Bbeyond, Association for Contemporary Jewellery & Silversmiths N.I, Sinéad O'Donnell, Shiro Masuyama, Cas Holmes, R-Space Gallery and many others.


Gooselane Gallery

Born from a lack of exhibition space within the University of Ulster for art students, Gooselane Gallery ran from 2015 -2019 in the back room of the Tivoli Barber Shop in North Street, Belfast. Thanks to Eddie, the owner, we held many solo and group exhibitions supporting local student and emerging artists.

Photobook of Gooelane Gallery exhibtions
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